The Contact from this Homepage is Closed!!!

You can Join our Discordserver.  Meet the team, ask questions, get the latest Betaversions and follow the progress of the next releaseversion.
We love to have contact with all of you, but we need some rules for it, because we can't chat with everyone over things, that are stated somewhere on this page.

So if there are questions to Modern Firearms, please read the discription page and the F.A.Q first!! Or else you might be ignored, because we don't have the time to answer the same question over and over again.

If you didn't find what you are looking for, you can contact us and ask everything you want and we will try to help you of course! Also if you have ideas, criticism or what you are thinking, you're welcome.

We hope that you understand, that we can't accept files like meshes or textures or sound from you. This page exists only, because the team wasn't careful enough to track the origin of some files!

So if you want us to add something to the mod. Send us links to the parts in question. We can't rely on your word "I have asked the autor for permission".

We had never intended to use ripped material from other games, but it happend and we are still fighting the prejudices, that are based on that fact.

Another things are behavior and manners. There are two things, that you should keep in mind:

1) NO RACISM- with only a handful of members here we are already a quite multi-national community, racism will probably get you an instant ban. Discrimination of ANY kind is viewed similarly. Keeping politics to yourself is probably wise too, the internet runs smoother if we all just act like human beings without any artificial dividing lines.

2) On the subject of being human let's try to be nice humans. BE RESPECTFUL, BE POLITE. It's best to keep in mind though that if you post anything remarkably stupid, impolite, ill-informed or simply unintelligible you run the risk of being responded to with a degree of sarcasm by some members of the dev team.

One last thing, if you need help with Modern Firearms, please provide us with as much information as you can. Answer the following questions so that we know where to look:

1. Which Version are you using? Before and now

2. On upgrading, have you made a clean save?

3. Did you install the mod with modmanager?

4. On what system do you try to use MF? XB1, PS4, PC?

5. Have you tried a manual install?

6. Do you use a loose file version or a ba2 version of MF?

I know it's a wall of text, but that are the rules, for contacting us

Best Regards

Dark Heart


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