Modern Firearms F.A.Q 

Modern Firearms F.A.Q
Here you will find many answers to a lot of questions. Before contacting us, please read the F.A.Q first. Here we cover questions about gameplay, installing the mod and known issues. 

If you find a bug or you don't find the answer to your question, feel free to contact us.
Please provide us with as much information as possible. What you have done, is the bug reproducable, have you other weaponmods that may conflict with Modern Firearms and so on.

Yelling at us: "Your mod is s***! It doesn't work!" isn't helpfull.

SO here we go!

A) FO4 Hotkeys:

For PC users we recommend the use of our scripts naturally, so before installing the mod please install FO4 Hotkeys, found here: http://www.nexusmods.com/fallout4/mods/11664/?

There is an exe file offered to install FO4 Hotkeys, but more than one of us has found that to fail, so a manual installation is perhaps best. 
  1. Download the file
  2. Extract the file and copy the data folder into your Fallout 4 directory, merging it with the data folder already there, or simply extract it to your FO4 directory, again merging its contents with the existing folders.
  3. Make sure the plug in (esp) is activated in your game menu or mod manager.

B) Modern Firearms:

Now install Modern Firearms, allowing it to overwrite files installed by FO4 Hotkeys.

Again we recommend a manual installation, it's simply the most reliable method of ensuring all the files wind up where they're supposed to be. Use a mod manager if you like, but if it fails or you get unexpected results in-game do it manually before reporting an issue. Manual installation follows the same method listed above for FO4 Hotkeys.

C) Customise Hotkeys:

To customise your new hotkey functions open 'hotkeys.ini' now located in your data folder with any text editor (notepad etc). In it you'll find several MF functions, with keys already listed. Simply edit the keys to your choices, save and exit. You should do this, because there is the possibility, that some of the keys you need for charactercustomisation aren't working anymore!

Installation is guided by the game menus, and as no other mods are required the only thing you have to remember is LOAD ORDER.
PC and Console
For both  users: mods that edit level lists overwrite in order and can even conflict with one another. To ensure this mod is functioning correctly if possible avoid other mods that edit the level lists and at THE VERY LEAST make sure MF is at the BOTTOM of your load order. 

Please note that mods are made by individuals, and not tested in conjunction with one another, so conflicts may occur. Better Mod Descriptions is a known conflict on PC, and there are probably more. If you find a conflict, please report it, this will help us help other users.
We nearly always recommend a clean save- it's a pain we know, but will avoid more pain later. To make a clean save fully uninstall the mod, load your game (ignoring warnings about missing content) and save it again. Then and ONLY then install the latest version. Note that you may have to wait for an in-game week for the spawns of the items to reset. (To lessen the pain of a clean save sell all the MF items you can to the vending machine first, generating a nice little nest-egg of pre-war cash to buy a new arsenal with after updating).
For a quick uninstall simply disable the plug-in, either in your game menu or mod manager. For a full uninstallation (recommended for large updates) delete the plug-in and any folders/BSAs in Materials/Meshes/Scripts/Textures/Sound named 'SHEEP'.
The items in this mod are, as mentioned, integrated into level lists. 

To give you a chance to survive they won't start appearing until level 10-15? After that you will find them on your (hopefully dead) enemies and at vendors. 

You can also craft a vending machine at the settlement workshops under the crafting section. The vending machine will sell you parts for customisation (for pre-war cash), the unique ammo types for the guns and allow you to trade in a rifle to make a 'unique' rifle for the player

This is necessary for the scripts to function correctly whilst carrying more than one of any particular type of rifle. If, for example, you have 2 AR15s in your inventory then the scripts will not function for those weapons unless one has been made 'unique'. If you have only one AK in your inventory at the same time then that will still work as expected with the scripts. This is a game engine limitation and as such there is nothing that we can do about it.

Scripted functions are currently: 
  1. Suppressor on/off
  2. Underbarrel weapon/main weapon selection
  3. Semi/full auto fire
  4. Aimpoint- scope zoom/magnifier/night vision toggling
  5. Bipod on/off (note that bipods being deployed will slow your movement by 90% to simulate being prone)
Note also that you need all the necessary components on your rifle for the scripts to function- an M203 won't just magically appear unless you built one.
There are now aid items (reusable) found at the vending machine to mimic the function of the script hotkeys on pc

Please note that the instructions for their usage in game are the same as for pc, you will need all the items you want to switch attached to your gun, and either only one of that weapon family in your inventory or an MF Custom variant of that weapon available by way of trade-in at the vending machine. 
Put the aid items (switch functions) you want in your favourites and enjoy a whole new feel to combat.
Notes PC
For PC users of course there's always the debug console: 

For a simple 'give me everything' there are test containers, and the commands you should use are:

Help mfcontainer 4
PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE READ THE F.A.Q BEFORE ASKING A QUESTION- comment threads become rapidly cluttered with the same questions time and again from people who have not read the answers we've ALREADY GIVEN. That's kinda frustrating, and leads to us -well, you know- ignoring you. So, over to Whiskey for the F.A.Q: 

Q: "How do I get parts to mod the guns/where do I find moar gunz?"

A: The guns have full leveled-list integration, meaning you'll be able to find them in random loot, vendor inventories, and the (hopefully) cold, dead hands of your enemies. You can get parts to modify the guns by either breaking down other guns, or by building one of our custom vending machines in your favorite settlement, then buying what you need from the built-in shops.

Q: Can you make the download smaller/Why is this mod so damn big?

A: UPDATE: Now that the CK has been tweaked to use textures optimized for the XB1, it seems that yes, we actually can make the download smaller - but it's still gonna be larger than the PC version. Don't let the ~300 megabyte size difference get to you - if you had the version that had the glitched DSR, this one has all the same content (I fixed the DSR though ), but the textures have been modified.

Q: Will you/can you break the mod into chunks, e.g only assault rifles, only SMGs, etc?

A: Lol no, sorry pal. There's so much shared content (literally all the optics, most of the underbarrel/side rail attachments, magazines, etc) that there's no feasible way to separate the weapon categories.

Q: Will you reduce the damage? These guns really hurt D:

A: Probably not. There is a third-party damage reduction patch, but it was taken down while we're working on the next version of MF itself (apparently people didn't RTFM, then griped about the patch "not working" because they didn't have MF itself installed, nor could they get MF as it had been taken down by then). Also, some of these guns are, to be blunt, friggin' massive and insanely powerful. For example, the M61 Vulcan is, in reality, used to intercept and shoot down ship-to-ship, air-to-mud or other missiles/rockets. Likewise, the KwK 36 was originally the main gun on a German Tiger I heavy tank, so of course it's gonna hit like a damn truck. You have any idea how big an 88mm shell is? Projectile alone weighs 17+ pounds, which leads me to the next one...

Q: Why is the ammo so heavy? - OK, this one doesn't get asked that often, but I'm putting it up anyway because I just know someone's gonna gripe about it eventually.

A: Because when I decided to make the ammo weights, I used real-world data. All of the in-game ammo weights with the exception of the 88mm shells are accurate to within a few grains - so yes, a single round of 20x102mm really is that damn heavy. And if you think the 88mm stuff is too heavy, be glad 'Sheep overruled me there - they were originally ten pounds heavier per round. If it bugs you, either ask someone to make a patch, or just don't play on Survival.

Q: "Wil u plz add dis gonne?" (cookie for the first person to get the reference :3)

A: Not any time soon, so keep requests to yourself. At this point we're still bugfixing and tweaking the current/latest available version, we won't be ready to add anything truly new for a while yet, and even if we are ready, keep in mind it's a lot of work - usually at least a full day per gun, and that's assuming nothing breaks.

Q: "My SR47 has no magazine and I can't change it?"

A: It's a game engine bug we can't help. There is, thankfully, a workaround. If at any point in the weapon modding process categories disappear then back out of the bench, equip your half-weapon and re-enter the bench. The missing categories should magically reappear.

Q: "The M60 crashes my game"

A: Either run it through the vending machine to get the [MF Custom] version, or modify anything BUT the bipod first. This is the same bug with the game engine, not a problem with the mod.

Q: "Your mod broke my movement speed?"

A: The bipod will greatly stabilise your weapon just as it would in real life, but only if you're prone. To simulate that the bipod reduces your movement speed to 10%.
 If you have tried everything above, contact us and we try to help you.
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